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George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic at Arcada Theatre

Arcada Theatre at St. Charles, Illinois

Get Funky with George Clinton at Arcada Theater

Internationally heralded as the architect of P-Funk, with a reputation for otherworldly performances and a penchant for the funkiest of funk music, George Clinton has been grooving fans for 60 years. This May, he’ll bring his legion of musicians, affectionately known as the Parliament-Funkadelic, to the historic stage of Arcada Theater. St. Charles, IL warmly welcomes every act that comes through town, but this one promises to be a concert for the ages!

What is the Parliament-Funkadelic?

The name Clinton ascribes to his P-Funk troupe derives from an amalgamation of his barbershop doo-wop group from the 1950s, The Parliaments, and their backup tour band during the 1960s, Funkadelic. From the finger-snapping ’50s to the guitar-driven, socially conscious ’60s, Parliament-Funkadelic evolved into a funky mixture of psychedelic rock, soul, and R&B that Clinton aptly dubbed P-Funk. As a forefather of funk with his very own version, he and 15 members of his band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

What is “P-Funk” Exactly?

Essentially, it’s the unclassifiable sound that is George Clinton and company. Elements of science fiction, Hendrix-style rock, James Brown funk, 70s dance, and modern electronica are all present. A cross-genre sound that’s meant to put a smile on your face and groove in your step, it’s a style that’s indelibly altered the musical landscape to this day.
May 15, 2015
May 15, 2015
105 E. Main Street St. Charles, Illinois 60174 United States
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