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The Corporate Philanthropy of Pheasant Run Resort

We're committed not only to our guests, but our local community and planet as a whole. At the heart of this culture lies the Promise Program, a series of initiatives and practices we've undertaken here at Pheasant Run Resort. Things like reducing energy usage, conserving resources, and supporting local farmers at our restaurants are the least we can do to give back to Chicagoland, and beyond. If you work for, know of, or own a non-profit with similar interests, please let us know.&

Sustainability Initiatives

  • Energy Usage Reduction
  • Water Conservation
  • Paper Usage Reduction
  • Recycling Programs for Paper, Glass, & Plastics
  • Reusable & Biodegradable Products
  • Hotel Linens Reuse Option for Guests
  • Local Food Sources & Consideration of Farming Practices
  • Recommendations for Sustainability Certifications & Partnerships
  • Sustainability Training for Employees

Community Outreach

  • Identify & Support Pertinent Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Encourage & Facilitate a Culture of Volunteerism that Serves Local Communities
  • Give Back to the Hospitality Industry with Active Participation in Community Outreach
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