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Building Stronger Teams Through Play
TEAM Advantage - Together Everyone Achieves More

In today's era of constant collaboration, open offices, and global teams, employees can no longer operate effectively in a vacuum. The 21st century worker exists almost entirely in the context of the teams on which they serve. TEAM Advantage focuses on building team performance and effective communication using the fun, low-stress approach of improvisation.

TEAM Advantage Specs

Intended Participants
Corporate Teams: Sales staff, HR staff, any group that needs to work together more efficiently.

Suggested Time Frame
90 minutes

Room Requirements
  • One general session room large enough for all participants, as well as one break-out room for every 10-12 participants. 
  • Moveable seating, chairs against walls. 
  • Space for all participants to stand and move. 
  • Improv trainings are loud. Room(s) should be sufficiently away from other activities. 
  • No PowerPoint® necessary!

Participants are surveyed after the training for their reaction to the material. Higher level evaluation provided for an additional fee.

The Play

TEAM Advantage begins with a whole-group introduction, then splits participants into breakouts for intensive work, and finishes with a whole group wrap-up where participants perform what they've learned for each other.  Before the training, one of our instructional designers consults with you on the most noticeable needs in your group. Then, our instructional designers customize TEAM Advantage to best fit the goals and environment of your group.

Therefore, while your design may differ, in most TEAM Advantage trainings, participants learn: 
  • "BE WITH" - using focused attention to be fully present in communication. 
  • "SPEAK WITH" - taking ownership of one's communication, focusing on being clearly understood. 
  • "WORK WITH" - looking to support others ideas and making the team more important than individual contribution.

The Win

Through play, participants will discover the skills necessary for creative and efficient teamwork. These skills include speaking with clarity and active listening. Because TEAM Advantage is a fun experience, skills are better retained and easier to apply to work life. All of this happens using the kind of excitement and fun only improv provides!