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The Corporate Philanthropy Of Pheasant Run Resort

We're committed not only to our guests, but our local community and planet as a whole. At the heart of this culture lies the Promise Program, a series of initiatives and practices we've undertaken here at Pheasant Run Resort. Things like reducing energy usage, conserving resources, and supporting local farmers at our restaurants are the least we can do to give back. If you work for, know of, or own a non-profit with similar interests, please let us know.

Sustainability Initiatives

  • Energy & Paper Usage Reduction
  • Water Conservation
  • Recycling Programs for Paper, Glass, & Plastics
  • Reusable & Biodegradable Products

Community Outreach

  • Identify & Support Pertinent Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Encourage & Facilitate a Culture of Volunteerism
  • Work to Serve the Local Community
  • Give Back to the Hospitality Industry with Active Community Outreach

Northern Illinois Food Bank Partnership

Imagine not knowing how to put your next meal on the table, or having to choose between paying rent and buying food. In our own backyard, for nearly 600,000 individuals, this is a reality. Children are going to bed hungry, older adults must make tough choices between paying for healthcare or groceries, and hardworking individuals work multiple jobs and are still struggling to put food on their table. To change lives locally, one meal at a time, we need your help. Northern Illinois Food Bank and Pheasant Run Resort are committed to making a positive impact in the St Charles community and we're asking for your help.
Visit our Community Outreach page to see how you can help. Click Here

Clean Advantage Lodging

The Clean Advantage™ Lodging program automatically offsets carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon Dioxide Equivalents or CO2e) by investing in a wide range of reforestation, alternative energy, biomass, and other projects both locally and globally that are subject to change as usage, price, and other factors vary throughout the year. In addition to these projects, CLC Lodging works with The Arbor Day Foundation to plants trees and support their certified CO2e reduction projects. Together, these investments and partners allow CLC Lodging to automatically provide a sustainable solution for your our hotel, occupants, employees, and community. Read more.
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