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Rejuvenating Spa Resort Treatments in Illinois

At Spa Vargas Wellness, treatments include classics like anti-aging facials and pedicures, along with a blissful selection of body therapies influenced from around the world, from Romance Couples' Massages to Relaxation Massages to Warm Stone Treatments. Bridal and prenatal are our specialties. In keeping with our mission for total health, we also offer wellness healthy lifestyle and motivational workshops, nutritional coaching, and lifestyle-themed weekend retreats.

Massage Experiences

Developed to truly WOW your senses. These experiences will relax, invigorate or ground you based on your individual needs with aromatherapy to enhance the treatment. Recommend every 4 weeks.

Wellness Treatments

Take care of your body holistically. Our experienced therapists provide services with benefits that range from head health, de-stress, mood management, detoxification, and muscle health. Recommend every 4 weeks.

Massage Therapies

You and your therapist select massage techniques customized to your needs. Allow our aromatherapy inhalation pass to further allow your body to be well. Recommend every 4 weeks.

Skin Care Treatments

Clear, glowing, healthy skin with a focus on age-defying, detoxifying, and stress-relief. All facials include a double cleanse, double exfoliation, ultrasonic scrub, and an oxygen treatment (excludes Teen services). Recommend every 4 weeks.

Body Treatments

These exfoliating and lavishly hydrating full-body treatments leave your skin soft and velvety smooth. Each treatment combines a unique blend of natural ingredients with aromatherapy. Recommend every 6 to 8 weeks.

Nail Therapy

Healthy hands and feet are the focus with hydrating, detoxifying, anti-aging treatments to assist in a more youthful appearance. Recommend every 2-4 weeks.

Spa Pairings