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Chicagoland Team Building & Corporate Events

Your company is unlike any other. So your corporate events should be, too. Bring your team together with a fun, meaningful program designed to meet the goals of your organization. Each program is 100% geared to your people and your preferences, without the stress of doing it on your own. Make the investment in your people and experience better communication, greater trust, and improved productivity in all areas of business.

Team Challenge

Want to build employee morale and enhance teamwork in an interactive and fun environment? Looking to turn your next meeting or event into a highly engaging and entertaining outing guaranteed to return tremendous value to your company? Select WCF's Fun and Innovative Team Challenge! WCF Team Building programs are highly engaging and entertaining events that are designed to enhance teamwork and communication, build relationships, improve group problem solving skills and develop strategic planning capabilities. While the Team Challenge provides tangible and specific business benefits, many clients use the Team Challenge simply for the purpose of having a fun and competitive event. Guaranteed to add lasting value to your team! Prices Start at $50-$125* Per Person

Events For a Cause

Improve your team's morale and give back to your favorite charity - the perfect combination! Combine WCF's award-winning programs with charitable giving. WCF is able to adopt any of its events into a charitable Event for a Cause, matching your charitable goals and objectives with its existing programs to deliver an incredible sense of team unity and lasting value to your organization well after the event is over. Whether your goal is to give back to your local community, schools, food pantries or military families, adding a charitable twist to your next event adds a tremendous amount of fulfillment and accomplishment to your team. Prices Start at $50-$125* Per Person

Mousetrap Race Car Challenge

Looking for a team event that focuses on communication and creativity while offering some good old fashion competition? Try WCF's Mousetrap Race Car Challenge requiring team members to use communication, creativity and teamwork to design and build a Mousetrap Race Car. Teams must work together to not only design and build the race car, but they must also adapt and change their design to create the car with the best wheel alignment, weight and overall design to travel the furthest distance. At the end of the event, teams compete one at a time in a competition to see which car travels the furthest. Teams are given two opportunities to "run" their car. Points and/or prizes may also be awarded for most creative design, best car name and more. In the end, the Mousetrap Race Car Challenge is the perfect combination of communication, creativity and competition. Prices Start at $50-$125* Per Person

interactive Receptions & Casino Nights

Bring your employees together for an interactive event guaranteed to increase employee morale and return tremendous value to your company. The Interactive Reception and the Casino Night allow guests to build relationships, interact, mingle and network in a relaxed atmosphere. WCF seamlessly creates an exciting event combining great food, music and an open bar with a wide variety of fun, interactive activities. The Casino Night provides the added twist of a perfect "Vegas-Style" setting provided by Chicago's top production crews to create an environment for anything from a formal black tie affair to a casual event. Both programs offer the perfect event to reward employees for all their help throughout the year in a fun and energizing environment. Prices Start at $40-$125* Per Person

Team Challenge & BBQ

Looking to add a little competition and fun to your next Summer Outing? Do you need a little something extra to get everyone mixing and mingling outside of their office cliques? Try our Team Challenge & BBQ combining the best of both worlds! Motivate and energize your employees by getting their competitive juices flowing during the fun and interactive Team Challenge. Immediately following the Team Challenge, transfer all that energy into the laid back and relaxed atmosphere of the Interactive BBQ - the perfect time to continue building relationships after such a high energy, interactive team program. The Team Challenge & BBQ provides the perfect combination of competition and relaxation. Prices Start at $65-$195* Per Person

"Let's Cut the Cake" Challenge

With the flare and excitement of the show "Cake Boss" and the award-winning WCF Team Challenge combined into one event, WCF created the perfect event focused on communication, creativity and thinking outside the box. Teams work together to design a cake based on the goals and objectives set by the client. Throughout the design event, teams must complete challenges and trivia to acquire additional decorating supplies to enhance their cake masterpieces. Designs are judged not only on appearance but their ability to convey the corporate message communicated to the teams at the beginning of the challenge. Successful teamwork, creativity and time management tend to bring home the winning designs! Once all the designs are complete, each team makes a presentation to prove why their masterpiece takes the cake! Prices Start at $50-125* Per Person

"Meeting Energizer" Programs

Are you faced with a full day of meetings? Need something to enhance your meetings on a tight budget with limited time? WCF's "Meeting Energizer" programs are a great way to add tremendous value to your meeting when there is not enough time or budget during the meeting to add a full team building option. The "Meeting Energizer" programs keep creative juices flowing, enhance communication and teamwork and help breakdown barriers - all within the same meeting room and at a reasonable price. "Meeting Energizer" programs involve customized activities encouraging participants to work together at their table in mini-groups to complete mental challenges and compete against other groups to reach the final championship round. The program is executed in 60-90 minutes and takes place during a meal or at the beginning, middle or end of your meeting. Guaranteed to energize and enhance your next meeting! Prices Start at $15-$50* Per Person


*Prices start at ranges shown. Prices are inclusive of ALL taxes, gratuity, staff fees and other event specific fees, if applicable, such as team expenses, equipment, creative development and travel expenses.
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